Private Emotional Vacating Session

Unique Meditation - designed per individual to remove emotional energy from the body and uncover natural confidence

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Dearest Client,

Do you find yourself asking these questions lately:

What can I do right now to change how I feel? I'm sick of feeling weighed down, sad and frustrated! What do I need to DO to let go and finally feel happy and confident in myself?

My answer: I've put together online courses and pole fitness classes that are great practices to start your journey toward the happiness and confidence you desire. But overall, to personally guide you through your current emotional frustrations in a private session has been one of my greatest skills that has the fastest, most direct results.

During your session, you'll experience an emotional, physical, and energetic shift as I walk you through a very individualized guided meditation addressing the emotions you are ready to let go of; Helping you overcome the fears and frustrations this negative emotion is costing you in personal growth, love, and success in life.

Creating peace and confidence within yourself; Literally helping you leave the session feeling lighter than when you entered - with a new perspective on negative emotion. These private sessions are sure to shift your life in the direction of your desires.

My fee for an appointment is $75/hour, which is a very small investment when it comes to the life changing realizations and energetic shifts accompanying the release of negative emotions.

One hour sessions are available through Zoom (free online video app) and can be scheduled once payment is processed. Space is limited, sign up now by clicking the button below to reserve your spot.

I am honored to work with and empower you towards your happy and authentic confident self.

Love YOU,

Your Instructor

Joy Hansen
Joy Hansen

Well hello!! I'm Joy and I help women with perfectionist tendencies to unleash their authentic confidence through private energy work sessions, live events, online courses and pole fitness classes.

A little about me: I'm a mama of two rascally boys. I married my high school sweetheart. I have a bachelors degree in behavioral science from Utah Valley University. I'm a doula, published author, avid learner, intuitive/empath energy worker, Xpert certified pole dance instructor, and I have a red belt in Haw Rang Do Karate. I love gardening, profound conversations, helping others to see their own power, and skydiving.

Class Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your credentials?
I'm going to be completely honest. I am not a doctor, healer, guru, therapist, practitioner or anything like that. I am just a person sharing what I have learned from personal experience and from those I have taught in the past. My achievements are many, but the "credible" ones are listed under the instructor section above.
Is this session right for me?
Do a self check: Are you having constant recurring negative emotions that you don't know what to do about? Are you willing to look straight at them even though it might be uncomfortable? Are you ready to do something about these negative emotions right now? Do you need a "how to" for letting these emotions go? Are you ready to shift your perspective and become your authentic confident self? If you answered yes to the questions above, then YES these sessions are right for you.
How do I know if this session is wrong for me?
A private coaching session with Joy is totally wrong for you if: You do not take responsibility for your actions, thoughts and emotions. You blame others for your circumstance. You are looking for others to do the work for you. You love the chemical response or pay off of keeping your negative emotions around. You are not open-minded and only want to push your emotions down and not address them. If any of the above statements apply to you. Do not purchase a private coaching session with Joy. It will be a waste of yours and her time.
When can I schedule my private coaching??
Once you purchase an hour of private coaching, you will be redirected to a calendly page with the hours of availability. As of right now. The average times available are nights (M-F: 5-8pm mountain time) and weekends (Sat & Sun: 1-5pm mountain time). Although, if those times do not work for you after you purchase a course. Shoot Joy an email to discuss other possible times. These meetings not listed on the calendar are held at the discretion of Joy.
How long is my session?
Sixty minutes.
What if I am unhappy with my session?
Joy would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, let Joy know what was unsatisfactory and she will work to either make it right or refund your money.

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