LFAIP Part 14: Fails

“Getting hurt is inevitable, but the way you respond is a choice.” - pole Whether you are an experienced pole dancer from years of practice, or you’ve just tried your first pole class - various parts of pole dancing is the same for EVERYONE! We each realize which side of our body we like to...


LFAIP Part 13: Inside Out Warm Up

“We may not get along if we’re BOTH not warm.” - pole Imagine: It's been a long a stressful day. You finally get the chance to scroll through your instagram. Mid-scroll, you see it: The newest pole challenge move that EVERYONE seems to be trying out. You watch the move several times over by...


LFAIP Part 12: Give To Yourself First

Published on Patreon December 1, 2018 “I can show you that you're capable of more.” - pole ’Tis the season for giving! And some of us go ALL out when giving to others. But what about giving to yourself?? Do you remember to include yourself in the giving process this time of year?? It’s...


LFAIP Part 11: Pole Dance + Emotions

Published on Patreon - November 1, 2018 “I may cause you pain and bring up emotions that you had stored away.” - pole In a pole dance/fitness class, competition, performance, or private practice: Have you ever had your heart rate speed up, your tear ducts and/or sweat glands leak, your body...


LFAIP Part 10: Hormonal Responses

Published on Patreon October 9, 2018 “You can be totally free with me. Although, sometimes there may be genetics at play that interrupt our passion.” -pole One of my long time students asked me, “Can my friend come take a class with me next week?” Thinking nothing of it (because I’m always...


Pole Expo 2018 Happenings

Published on Patreon September 10, 2018 Ready for a LONG ASS post!?! Welp, here we go! Here's the back story: I filled out an application to speak at Pole Expo WAaaaaAAAAaaaay back in March. And heard nothing until mid-august that I was scheduled to present. AAHHHHHHHH!!!! Not only was I not...


LFAIP Part 9: Workout?

“Although I stand still, I will beat the shit out of you.” - pole I’ve laughed out loud at times when asked, “Is pole dancing really a workout?” I laugh because it has been one of the top forms of fitness that has stretched me, personally, in so many ways. I’d say that it is more of a...


LFAIP: Part 8 - Support system

“I WILL SUPPORT YOU!” - pole I’ve heard this probably a thousand times, from women that deem themselves as overweight or “heavy”, even from women that are thin enough that ‘you could snap them like a chicken’, and especially from full grown, filled-out men: “There’s no way I can do that...


LFAIP: Part 7 - Self Trust

“Remember, trust yourself.” - pole The other day I was working with a student. No matter how hard they tried, they could not climb to the top of the pole. In fact, they tried climbing all the poles that were available! Even though they had perfect technique, strength and all the amount of...


LFAIP: Part 6 - Recovery

“I am the most controversial relationship you will have. We will need time apart.” - pole If you have EVER experienced pole dancing (or any other fitness at all), I know you’ve seen the duality: The progress also means pain, strength comes with weakness, and the push balances the pull. Pole...


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