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LFAIP Part 9: Workout?

“Although I stand still, I will beat the shit out of you.” - pole I’ve laughed out loud at times when asked, “Is pole dancing really a workout?” I laugh because it has been one of the top forms of fitness that has stretched me, personally, in so many ways. I’d say that it is more of a...


LFAIP: Part 8 - Support system

“I WILL SUPPORT YOU!” - pole I’ve heard this probably a thousand times, from women that deem themselves as overweight or “heavy”, even from women that are thin enough that ‘you could snap them like a chicken’, and especially from full grown, filled-out men: “There’s no way I can do that...


LFAIP: Part 7 - Self Trust

“Remember, trust yourself.” - pole The other day I was working with a student. No matter how hard they tried, they could not climb to the top of the pole. In fact, they tried climbing all the poles that were available! Even though they had perfect technique, strength and all the amount of...


LFAIP: Part 6 - Recovery

“I am the most controversial relationship you will have. We will need time apart.” - pole If you have EVER experienced pole dancing (or any other fitness at all), I know you’ve seen the duality: The progress also means pain, strength comes with weakness, and the push balances the pull. Pole...


LFAIP: Part 5 - Empowering The Disempowered

"I will empower you, if you will let me." - pole I remember going my very first pole class vividly - desperately searching for relief from the hum drum of what my life had become at the time. I was out of shape, depressed, insecure and needing something “just for me.” After getting...


Lessons from an inanimate pole part 4

“Comparison will just bring you down.” - pole I’ve seen it in my classroom many times: that daunting look of a student that has only enjoyed one or two classes, watching another student (who has attended for months) do each move with ease. Their eyebrows are raised making a slight wrinkle in...


Lessons from an inanimate pole part 3

“Show me some skin, I’ll bring out the real you!” - pole As we begin pole, sometimes our first reaction is to cover up our bodies a little more than is requested. Some of us struggle to even use tight fitting shorts for the first while because we’re so self conscious about the shape of our...


Lessons from an inanimate pole part 2

“I’ll show you how to balance your life.” - pole If you’ve tried pole at all, chances are you’ve quickly realized how one side of your body is more dominant or strong than the other. One side feels safer, more secure, more dependable. The other side seems to feel lacking, confused and...



Either verbally or mentally we tell ourselves: “I’m so fat and ugly. I’m not strong enough. I am broke. I am sick. I am lonely. I am not happy. I am unable. I can’t… I should… I am not enough.” etc. These statements come through our brains and out of our mouths so easily when we are looking to...


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